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We are always keen to reward loyal customers. Therefore we have introduced a Loyalty Card Scheme for our clients.


Loyalty Scheme is our way of rewarding you for looking after your own health regularly.


The idea of inviting people to use massage treatments regularly came from the experience of seeing client's with all manner of health problems. Also, from the positive feedback of client's already having regular massage treatments under Loyalty Scheme.


From this experience we can honestly say that prevention goes a long way in maintaining health and reducing the onset of symptoms. However, if you have a maintenance massage once every month or six weeks, it can be your best defence against the return of the stress and tension that builds up in body's soft tissues.


How does the Loyalty Scheme work? Every time you have a 60 minute treatment with us we will sign and date your card. After you receive 4 (60 minutes) treatments your next treatment will be free. Why 60 minutes treatment? We personaly think that this is an optimal lenght of massage treatment time in order to alleviate stress, stimulate or soothe nerve system and achieve the best muscle relaxation without too much force.


Loyalty Card Terms and Conditions:


  • One loyalty point earned for every treatment (60 minutes).

  • No cash equivalent available.

  • Photocopies of the loyalty card will not be valid.

  • All rights reserved.

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