My name is Rusne Fokiene and I am a full time Complementary and Sports Massage Therapist. That is my professional side. As a person I have a love of Art, Science, Sport, Creativity, Books, Conversation, Business, Complementary Therapies and I am a one ''woman band'' in my hands on work at the moment.


My career began in General Nursing back in Lithuania, where I had dedicated ten years of my life to the hospital work. Loved every minute of it!


When my clinical work left me feeling so much was missing from what could be a valuable healing process or prevention of condition, I turned into a physical education and rehabilitation as part of it.


I was particularly interested in discipline of Medical/Therapeutic Massage. It was one of the largest practical part out of four years BASc Degree study at Lithuanian Sports University. Yes, we had learned a different applications of massage techniques in order to manage varies health conditions. However, an understanding of the body and mind, as one inseparable essence, was still very much missing.


My first step into holistic world began with a Body Massage course in Chelmsford. The course itself wasn't highly aiming for that, but it drew my attention and focus on doing more research/observation on ways of connection of body and mind. 


I am very pleased to be a full member of the Sports Massage Association (SMA) and to be on Accredited Register for Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).


In my life I practice Budda's principle of ''The Middle Way'', which means the balance in every aspect of life (not too much of everything and not depriving self too much). I practice Martial Arts and meditation, and living in harmony with the nature. Besides, I am an ordinary human being, just like you ;-).


I continue working, learning, staying up-to-date with present, the newest  therapy techniques,  counselling - life coaching skills and the ambition to establish an excellent practice where every client’s need for well-being will be met.


I invite you to a wonderful world of massage therapy and experience the holistic way of helping you to cope with demands of life and excel in your chosen work, sport and hobbies. Here you forget everything, come to your senses and become fully aware of here and now...




Rusne Fokiene

Fully qualified and insured massage therapist at


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