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My name is Rusne and I am a fully qualified Holistic Body Massage and Sports Massage Therapist. This is my professional side which is constantly growing along with my interest in the body-mind connection. Otherwise, in life, I have quite a few interesting roles to play, just like anyone else. I am generally fascinated by life, relationships and the capabilities of the human body and mind.  


I am working in private massage practice for the last eight years. My practice is very much person-centred and my approach to any treatment is always holistic. The main focus of my work is preventative healthcare which includes the restoration and maintenance of soft tissues as well as pain reduction. The relaxing and balancing the body element in massage therapy is the therapeutic touch and the space of safety which I offer in holistic session. In the restorative session, like deep tissue or sports massage the discomfort is part of the game, however, I guide and support the clients through it. I don't believe in ''no pain, no gain'', I believe rather in kindness and co-operation. With that in mind, however, I appreciate that a slight discomfort is needed to make things change for better.


My past experience and the training was fully medical - general practice nursing, hospital work and the physio training. I obtained a deep understanding of the anatomy and the physiology of the human body, and of the pathological changes in body systems caused by illness, injury and lifestyle. These days more and more I am leaning towards the understanding of the human body as an ever-changing organism that uses it's own internal wisdom and resources in order to survive. We only need to trust it and help it a little...Would you like to know how? Well, I then invite you to become curious about it and make that first contact with me via or book your discovery session online.


I am very pleased to be an Associate Member of Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) for the body massage and sports massage disciplines. As a massage therapist, I practice to the highest professional standards of conduct & ethics and am proud to be able to support my clients in their journey to optimum health.


I continue working, learning, staying up to date with the present, the newest therapy techniques and the integration of physical and mental components of human experience. 




Rusne Fokiene

Fully qualified and insured massage therapist at


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