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Image Credit: Andres Rodriguez

CONSULTATION & ASSESSMENT (Deep Tissue/Sports Massage)



On your first visit we will conduct a short consultation with you. This is to establish the reasons you are getting a massage, current physical condition, medical history (if any), lifestyle and stress levels. A detailed postural examination, palpation of relevant muscles and assessment of range of movement of relevant joints will be carried out prior Deep Tissue /Sports Massage session. This will enable you and us to discuss and agree the best possible techniques and treatment plan.


As for thorough assessment we may need to ask you to remove some of the clothing, so we are enabled to see and palpate the area of problem in order to treat you successfully.


Depending on the type of treatment, you will need to remove more or less of clothing. During the massage you will be covered by towels at all times, only the areas to be massaged are uncovered.


Any sensitivity issues (alergies) to the massage medium will be disscused at your consultation.


We will explain the treatment plan, soft tissue manipulation techniques and ask you to sign the informed concent form.


If you have questions don't be afraid to ask any time! We are here to explain things before we proceed.


During the treatment, we will check that the massage pressure used is comfortable and will be adjusted if too uncomfortable. We invite your co-operation at all times. 




To book your initial appointment for Deep Tissue/Sports Massage call on (01473) 760206, e-mail or do it on-line.

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