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Image Credit: Mariia Sniegirova

HOLISTIC BODY MASSAGE (Relaxing, balancing the body & mind)


Swedish Massage


  • Help alleviate pain

  • Aid relaxation

  • Enhance circulation to remove waste and toxins from the body

  • Help with conditions such as depression, anxiety and stress


Therefore there will be used a slower pace and light to medium pressure massage techniques. Hot Stones can be added to your treatment giving even more comfort.




Anti-Cellulite Massage


This is an extremely powerful massage treatment for the legs and buttocks to aid the breakdown of cellulite and the removal of toxic fluid in the skin's tissues. Anti-cellulite Massage can improve circulation and blood flow to troubled areas, therefore preventing the formation of cellulite.


Hot & Cold Stone Massage


Hot Stone Massage allows body to enter even deeper state of relaxation together with an therapeutic effect of the heat. It is a very comforting body treatment, especially in winter months.

The warmth of the stones in combination of slow strokes and deep pressure, soothes the nerve endings and leaves one extremely relaxed.


Cold stones can be used as the opposite to warmth. A body conditioning therapeutic effect is achieved by shifting hot and cold stones in one session. It is stimulating treatment, aimed to boost immune system.


Face Massage


A Face Massage at EnergySome MASSAGE STUDIO is a deep work with facial muscles those involved in facial expressions also acupressure for the face. The session usually takes approximately 30 min to fulfil. The benefits are the following:


  •  improve facial skin and muscle tone

  •  promote relaxation of facial and eye muscles

  •  alleviate stress and anxiety levels

  •  overall physical and mental relaxation

  •  boost the radiance of the skin by exfoliating the surface and increasing the blood flow to the area.


As a moisturizer we use a professional facial massage cream or argon oil with blend of essential oils such as geranium, sandalwood, neroli, rose, lavender and other for better result, either we aiming to achieve, the deep relaxation, dispel the anxiety, feeling of self-doubt or insecurity, via aromatherapy; or merely reduce the appearance of the wrinkles and heal acne using a wonderful properties of herbs and organic oils.


If you not sure what to choose in your case, call  (01473) 760206

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