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Image Credit: Mariia Sniegirova


  • Eases pain

  • Helps you relax

  • Boosts circulation to remove waste

  • Aids with depression, anxiety, and stress

The pressure being used is gentle to medium. The speed of work sow to medium.

Hot Stones can be added to this session for extra comfort. Hot Stone Massage deepen the sense of relaxation. This comforting treatment is great in winter.

If the aim of the treatment is also to improve the circulation and lymphatic flow in the legs, the technique of work can be faster on the legs.

It aims to reduce the appearance of cellulite and rid the skin of toxic fluid. 

Face Massage can be included into the Swedish Massage session or used as stand alone 30 min treatment. It works deeply on facial muscles, over time can improve the appearance of the skin and facial muscle tone. 

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